Sponsor Program

The sponsor program, also be known as the Big Sister/Little Sister program, is a very special component of the New Member period. Every New Member is matched with a sponsor; she will be a more senior sister who is selected based off of compatibility. The sponsor's role is to introduce and guide the New Member through her collegiate life in the Fraternity. She leads by example and is someone you can look up to and confide in! With each new Big/Little pairing, incoming members are welcomed into a long family line within the chapter of several generations of Bigs and Littles!

Big Sofiya and Little AlexBig Morgan and Little Lilian

Grand Big Sinead, Big Jordynn, and Little Mak

Little Abby and Big Heloise

A relationship between a Big and Little pairing can never be compared to another, as each has its own unique connections and ways of showing support. 



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