Tri Delta is very active within the Greek community, whether it is co-hosting, planning or attending social events. Each semester, our Social Chair teams up with different fraternities and sororities to plan social events known as mixers or chixers to facilitate the interaction between organizations, on both the University of Ottawa and Carleton Campuses. We value a social university experience equally to our other pillars, and ensure that sisters are always in a safe and comfortable environment.

Sisters at the Tri Delta Winter Formal with brothers from Sigma Chi and Omega Theta Alpha

Sisters Hannah and Morgan during a chapter visit to Xi Delta Theta

We love to meet our fellow Greeks!

Some of our favourite social events have been murder mystery nights, yoga sessions, Halloween costume contests, and skating nights! We are all well-rounded women and love to support other Greeks in their endeavors. Unlike the Greek stereotypes often portrayed in the media, we are part of a big network of like-minded and supportive individuals. 

Bowling Mixer with Sigma Beta Phi and Delta Psi Delta

Board games Recruitment Mixer with ACACIA 

Members of our Mixed Aphi and Tri Delta sorority Tundra Bowl team led by our coaches at Sigma Pi



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